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Foreign Policy Formulation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Foreign Policy Formulation - Essay Example Gambia got independence in 1965 , and renamed the country to â€Å"The Gambia† to avoid the confusion with the country â€Å"Zambia†. Gambia is mainly surrounded by the country Senegal and it is one of the two countries surrounded by another. The river of the country called Gambia has been a bench mark for the country since it provides means for transportation and commodity provision. This river has given a unique identity for the country and it flows from west to east through the country and meets up with Atlantic Ocean. Gambia has historical ties with many other West African nations in the matter of slave trade. In 1816 British established a colony in Gambia .The first British settlement was termed as Bathurst, and it was known as the capital of the colony. It was in the year 1906, the slavery was completely abolished from the country. The economic policy of Gambia largely depended on the production and export of peanuts. Since Gambia was the smallest colony in Britis h rule, it was ignored and remained underdeveloped in infrastructure, manpower and institutional capacity. 1 According to Mwakikagile (2010,pg17) â€Å"When the country won independence, it lagged behind in many critical areas and could not function as truly independent nation†.... In 2005, Gambia accepted its willingness to establish full diplomatic relation with Turkish Republic. As per USA International (2007,pg 59)â€Å" The Gambia’s foreign policy is carved within the framework of the purpose and principles of the charters of both the United Nations and the African Union , on the basis of mutual respect for the sovereign equality , independence and the territorial integrity of the states.†. The main aim of their foreign policy is to maintain international peace and security and promote friendly relation among other foreign nations. The Gambia’s foreign policy is also committed to the doctrine of non alignment. Despite the developments in world affairs the foreign policy principles of Gambia has remained unwavering. The Gambia’s Foreign Relations The country Gambia has active involvement with United Nations and this acts as a cornerstone for its foreign policy. The main mission of United Nation is to strongly uphold international peace and security and to overcome underdevelopment and poverty among various nations across the world. In order to achieve this mission a close relation with individual countries is mandatory. The traditional and neutral approach of Gambia has given it a credible stand in its dealing with international organizations and developing partners. The foreign policy objective of the country is advanced due to its active participation in African Union affairs. The country also has a bilateral relation with The Republic of China as there had been many official visits between both the countries. Gambia established a diplomatic relation with Russia in 1965, and has an embassy situated in Moscow. The United States also intent to hold a improved relation with Gambia considering its historical ties,